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Southpaw Roofing, Inc is a Signature Select Contractor for Atlas Brand Roofing, GAF and we are a Preferred contractor for Owens Corning Branded Roofing Materials. Southpaw, Inc has proudly been serving the entire CSRA, since 1985!

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Roof Repair Services in Augusta, GA

No one likes a leaky roof, but if you are experiencing leaks, water stains, sagging ceiling or other signs of a leaking roof, call Southpaw Roofing in Augusta GA today.

We understand importance of a properly maintained roof, and how it not only keeps the interior of your house dry, but it also helps with the insulation as well, keeping your house appropriately cool or warm.

Don’t let the size of the repair fool you either. We have seen homeowners call with what appears to be minor holes in their roof that could have led to major problems if they weren’t dealt with immediately. Whether the initial problem was caused by hail damage, tree damage, or some other kind of storm damage, taking care of smaller problems now is the only way to ensure the integrity of your roof.

Below are some of the most common problems we see.

1. Missing Shingles. If a storm has recently rolled through, it’s very likely that some of your shingles have blown off, leaving the top part of your house exposed to the elements. Over time, you will probably develop a leak. It might be that you only realize you need to fix the roof once you discover water damage in another part of your house.

2. Valley Damage. Valleys are the little crevices on the outside of your shingles that allow for water to travel off the roof. If those valleys are damaged by buildup inside the crevices or improper cleaning, they can tear and form a leak on the inside of your roof. You’ll need to fix the roof before the valleys get severely damaged and cause major issues.

3. Low Slope. Typically, roofs are constructed at such an angle to encourage water runoff while maintaining an aerodynamic flow to the house to keep debris from resting on top of the shingles. Unfortunately, if the house is under sloped, the wind can cause damage to the roof itself, lifting up the shingles and pulling up the underside.

4. Poor Flashing. This occurs when the seals around certain areas of the roof, such as the skylight or chimney, are broken and water is allowed to pool underneath the shingles. Over time, this can develop into a mold that threatens the integrity of the structure.

5. Animal Damage. Creatures like birds and squirrels are always looking for a home to make their nest in, and if you’ve got a hole in your shingles or roof lining, that’s an open invitation to allow them to roost. Even a minor gap can be enough for the creature to burrow into, so it’s best to get it taken care of before they start taking up residence.

Why Choose a Southpaw Roofing for your roof repair?

1. Free Estimates for Roof repair Services
Many often put off having a potential problem with their roof looked at out of concern of how much it will cost to fix. Compared to the potential problems that a faulty roof can bring if neglected, getting an estimate is always the smart move. Our roof repair specialists are happy to come to your home and provide a free estimate whenever is convenient for you. Moreover, since we specialize in roof repair in Augusta GA, we understand the needs and conditions a southern roof will face.

2. Licensed, Insured and Bonded
Our roofing specialist are well-trained in roof repair and replacement and are licensed and insured, providing you with extra peace of mind. We use only trusted materials to ensure you roof is repaired right the first time.

3. Rapid Response
Southpaw Roofing prides itself on responding quickly to customers and most often looking at a roof the same day you call us. We understand the concern and possible financial consequences a damaged roof can cause.

 What Can We Do?

Specializing in roof repair in Augusta GA, Southpaw Roofing repair services include:

  • Leak Repair
  • Storm Damage Repair
  • Tree Damage Repair
  • Partial or Full Roof Replacement
  • Flashing Repair
  • And More

Whether your roof is made of tile, metal, clay, wood, or slate, we can replace either a single shingle or install a brand new roof. If the undercarriage of the roof is also damaged, we can find and repair those sections as well.

Our experienced staff is ready and willing to answer any and all questions you may have. Big or small, there’s no job that’s too tough for us! Call Southpaw Roofing today.